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About Us

Anaric, Indústria de Estofos, Lda, was founded in 1988, with the same goals as the company's current calling card: to manufacture original, quality sofas. Since its founding, the company has sought to assert itself in the domestic and international market, while placing growing emphasis on innovation and design, by modernizing its procedures, equipment and a team with experience in the sector. Currently employing a staff of 85, the company is based in Gondomar, in the district of Porto. Currently experiencing significant growth, in terms of both productivity and invoicing, Anaric's biggest market share is in Portugal. Its influence extends nationwide, where it has hundreds of customers. In the last few years, Anaric has strengthened its emphasis on internationalization, by exporting to countries such as Spain, England, Switzerland, Greece, Norway, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, among others. The international market currently accounts for some 40% of our production. We present two collections per season, at an annual average of five trade shows in the sector (two in Portugal – Porto and Lisbon – and two in Spain – Madrid and Valência) and France.


Anaric-Indústria de Estofos Lda
(Fânzeres e São Pedro da Cova)
São Pedro da Cova - Anaric

Manufacturer and exporter of sofas and upholstery

Rua Mimosas 272
( Gondomar  -  Fânzeres e São Pedro da Cova )
224 664 090
224 664 099